MD ONE finds its inspiration in London,  Berlin, Dublin, Copenhagen... capitals where music has such a strong impact and where the biggest bands have recorded their best albums.  MD ONE's songs speak about love and faith, about people and relationships, about their own life and thoughts, about them.


MD ONE Capital letters

Quirky, buzzing, sometimes  enchanting capital cities…

Dublin, London, Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen, New York… a source of Inspiration in real time: myriad of sounds, pictures, snapshots; whirling impressions, sensations, metaphors; trying to find / to evoke a wave of emotions…


In MD ONE songs, the heart is speaking; words are stumbling and echoing, notes are set free, chords fall on heavy beats, sometimes electro… Joy, sadness, love, melancholy… A complete range of feelings gone through all its shades: light, chiaroscuro, twilight, darkness…

all in a suggestive way, evocation sometimes provocative, reverie…


MD ONE two letters, one number

M for Marc, composer and creator. He is the craftsman and the alchemist of sounds…

Looking for simplicity and strength in his chords and compositions, through his guitars or his


D for David, music and sound guiding his texts, sentences and words. The texture of his

writing reflects his past and present emotions, his relationship to life, to love, his values to his

personal quest for serenity and spirituality. He likes the experience and uniqueness of the relation with the public.

ONE: Unity is what characterises them. With that same passion they composed and now

deliver to you their first OPUS, Twelve Stars, a constellation of 12 pieces.

The stage is their home, bringing their dreams to life.

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